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Faridpur is a district of Bangladesh. Faridpur stands on both sides of the Kumar. Main rivers are Padma, Old Kumar, arial khan, Gorai, Chandana, Bhubanshwar. Faridpur is a important district of Dhaka division of Bangladesh.


Important upazila and places: There are eight upazila in Faridpur. The upazilas are Faridpur sadar, Boalmari, Alfadanga, Madhukhali, Bhanga, Nagarkanda, Char bhadrasan and Sadarpur. Postal code – 7800


Travel from Dhaka: There are available bus 24 hours a day. It is easy to go Faridpur from Dhaka. By bus you can easily go to Faridpur from Dhaka.


Map of Faridpur District Bangladesh

Map of Faridpur


Statistics: Population 1714496; male 50.55%, female 49.45%; Muslim 88%, Hindu 11% Christian 0.7% and others 0.3%. Average literacy 37.44%


Agricultural Contribution: Main crops Paddy, jute, peanut, wheat, oilseed, pulse, turmeric, onion, garlic and coriander.


Fruits: Main fruits Mango, jackfruit, black berry, palm, coconut, betel nut, kul, tetul, ata, bel, papaya, banana, guava, jamrul.


Historical Places: Kobi Jasimuddin’s House, Mazar of Dewan Saker Shah, Moyez Manzil Palace, Baisrashi Babu Bari Palace, Dighir Par Masjid, Bishwa Zaker Monjil etc are the Historical Places of Faridpur.


School College: Faridpur Medical College, Government Rajendra University College, Faridpur Zilla School, Govt. Girls High School, Govt. Yasin College, Kazi Mahbubullah College, Bhanga etc are famous educational institution in Faridpur.


Hotel Motel: There are many residential hotel in Faridpur. There are also motel in the Faridpur like porjoton motel.


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